Mini Cooper Service – North Texas

You love your Mini. We love your Mini. We all know that the Mini Cooper is a breed of its own when it comes to cars. car.

We understand the prestige of owning a Mini Cooper with all the fun of your car. Your Mini Cooper is your baby. We get it.

This is why you need to make sure that MMotorworx is your Mini Cooper Service place of choice. Wanting something customized? Want a repair?

Make sure you have someone that understands all of the nuances of the Mini Cooper. Don’t just go to any service station or mechanic. Your Mini Cooper deserves to be treated with the respect it commands by being one of the most beloved cars ever made.

Why make the drive to Frisco, TX if you live outside of the area? Quite simply, experience matters. If you are in North Texas and are wanting your Mini Cooper to be treated the way it should,

North Texas Mini Cooper

New Maintenance Packages!!

Keeping your MINI HAPPY!

We are excited to offer the MMotorworx Maintenance Packages that will keep your MINI on the road and keep some extra cash in your pocket. 

North Texas Mini Cooper

All Packages Include

+ 3 Liqui-Moly Full Synthetic Oil Changes

+ OEM Oil Filter

+ OEM Charcoal Activated Cabin Air Filters
(performed on 2nd service)

+ A/C Evaporator & housing cleaning
(performed with cabin air filter change)

Premium Packages

+ Liqui-Moly Complete Engine Flush
(performed on the first service)

+ Liqui-Moly Certac Ceramic Engine Protection
(performed on the first service)

+ Liqui-Moly Complete Fuel System Cleaner
(performed on all 3 services)

+ Liqui-Moly MOS2 Anti-Friction Engine Protection
(performed on all 3 services)

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